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2010 Endorsements

I see no better place to begin my series of endorsements than my home congressional district – Virginia’s 3rd district.

Incumbent Democrat Bobby Scott is one of the most liberal members of Congress. In a recent interview with NBC12’s Ryan Nobles, Scott was unwavering in his support for letting the Bush tax cuts expire thereby raising taxes on all Americans.

In his 17 years in Congress, Bobby Scott has not met a spending bill he did not like. He has consistently voting for more wasteful government spending and programs while raising taxes and the debt ceiling. Scott favors, in his own words, a “government run” healthcare system. But what is far more damning is Bobby Scott’s view on the Constitution. He believes that he, as a congressman, has unlimited power via the General Welfare clause (despite the rest of the Constitution) and the only check on the power of congress is voters:

I think it’s fair to say that there is a check, we have elections every two years…You elect members of Congress, they use judgement, if people don’t like the direction that we’re going in they’ll change. That’s why we have elections.

Indeed, we have elections. And while Bobby Scott is virtually assured re-election thanks to a 1992 Department of Justice mandate that the Virginia General Assembly draw a black-majority district, voters still have alternative choices: Republican Chuck Smith, Libertarian James Quigley, and Independent Green John Kelly.

Scott’s biggest opposition comes from former 2nd district candidate turned 3rd district anointee Republican Chuck Smith. But Smith is certainly not the incumbent’s most substantial opponent largely because he has very little substance.

I have followed the Chuck Smith campaign since day one – I was a delegate to the 3rd District Republican convention that “nominated” him. During the entire campaign I have yet to hear one specific proposal from the man. He has run an entire campaign on the phrase “principles before politics” – a phrase more ambiguous than a Picasso painting. As I understand it, the only things that even qualify Chuck Smith for membership in the Republican Party are his general opposition to taxes and and equal rights for gays. In his radio town hall with WRVA’s Doc Thompson, Smith struggled to mold his answers in such a way as to not commit to any specific position – a sign of complete cowardice.

The fact remains that Chuck Smith is not only a terrible Republican, he is a terrible candidate. This is why the voters of the 2nd district overwhelmingly opposed his nomination as their candidate. Not to be refused what he wants, to be sent to Washington with the rest of the tactless politicians, Chuck stepped into the race for the 3rd district nomination where he managed, with the help of several unit chairs and the 3rd district leadership, to clear the field of the other three candidates therefore giving voters no choice and capturing the nomination unopposed.

Bobby Scott’s most principled and substantial opposition comes from Libertarian James Quigley. James understands the details of a vastly expanding government and the dangers it poses to individual rights. He is unafraid to answer a question with unadulterated honesty and does not┬áhesitate┬áto consider the ramifications of taking a position. James has worked hard to grow his campaign from the ground up and has surprised nearly everyone in the 3rd district and surrounding areas by his success, so much so that Virginia’s top conservative blog Bearing Drift has predicted that Quigley will attain 10% of the vote – a resounding success for a third party candidate with very little money and no help from a leviathan national party.

For his undiluted support for liberty, I hereby endorse James Quigley for Congress in Virginia’s 3rd district.


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